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New site supports indie films by bringing them to (any) screen near you

LatinaLista — The Latino independent filmmakers talent pool is growing everyday. Unfortunately, there’s never been enough outlets or appreciation of Latino talent to get the word out to the greater community or for the community to support this budding independent filmmaking talent — until now.

Caachi Films is a new website that not only wants to promote independent (indie) filmmakers but help them earn a little bit of money for all their efforts.
Caachi distributes the independent films for download on its website. In turn, the independent filmmakers sell their films directly to their fans and retain 75% of the sales revenue. Film fans download the films in DVD resolution and can watch them on the computer, TV, video iPod/iPhone, and other personal media devices.
Caachi has over 30 categories of films, both free and with a minimal price tag: documentaries, comedy, science fiction, women’s programming, animation, action adventure and the list goes on. There is also a Latino category featuring films such as:
Rapping at Fear: In Andres Tabares’ barrio in Colombia, “social cleansing” groups wage war. When this thirteen-year-old raps against violence, people listen.
Perros Sin AmorA beautiful woman lugging around a window frame around the country and city. We’ll let you come to your own conclusions.
Gordo — 2007 Audience Award for Best Short Film at Cinequest film festival and 2007 Best International Short at Beverly Hills Hi-Def film festival. “Gordo” is a delightful culinary tale of an immigrant’s journey from Mexico to the US and how Gordo’s delicious creations have unintended effects. Gordo is a hard-working, gifted taco maker from Mexico who travels to America to make a better life for his family. Gordo arrives in Watsonville, CA where his only option to work is at Cinco de Taco, a national fast food chain. Appalled at how the chain makes tacos, Gordo sneaks his own ingredients into the fast food restaurant and prepares tacos the way he did in Mexico. Gordo’s culinary gift gets him recognition, but does he want this recognition?

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