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New site targets Mexican American professionals

LatinaLista — What is a Mexican American professional?
Most people would say that it’s someone of Mexican American descent who has a college degree and is practicing a profession that requires certification or license. For Humberto Gutierrez, the Mexican American professional is the “silent minority.”
Of all the subgroups within the Latino community, Mexican Americans fare the worst when it comes to adding college graduate to their resumes.
Gutierrez, an educator and author, knew that information about Mexican American professionals could help both those who have accomplished such a feat and researchers who have not really been able to study those who do practice a profession because there is a lack of data.
For that reason, Gutierrez decided to create the Mexican American Pro Archives. He writes:

The purpose of this site is to archive articles and pertinent information about Mexican American Professionals. I invite all professional associations to post information relevant to this topic. I hope this site will become an archive and resource of information to facilitate the distribution of information which impacts Mexican American Professionals.

The site currently has very little content and a few links, but the potential to build this site as a destination for researchers, students and professionals is great and worth a contribution of an article.

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