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New slew of bilingual sites target second-generation Latinas

LatinaLista — When advertisers and media companies talk on how to reach the Latina audience, talk invariably centers around one thing — that the message must only be in Spanish.


Well, for those of us who are second-generation and beyond, we know that a message delivered only in Spanish limits the audience receiving it. That’s why Consorte Media developed five new sites specifically targeting later generations of Latinas.

Known collectively as the “Tiene sites,” the sites: TieneChic, TieneDinero, TieneSalud, TieneEDU, and TieneTec offer information and advice on finance, fashion, health and fitness, education and technology.

“Latinas are one of the fastest-growing, most tech-savvy groups of Internet users, but until the Tiene sites, there were few sophisticated and smart informational sites targeting this highly connected and influential group,” said Alicia Morga, CEO of Consorte Media.”

Visitors can find articles at the TieneChic site like how to hem your jeans to creating the perfect eyebrows. At TieneDinero, readers learn a range of things from how to create a Christmas budget to learning how to invest.

Each Tiene site has a list of articles, alongside, do-it-yourself instructions to learn something on your own.

The site’s creator makes no apologies for the Tiene sites being a way for advertisers to reach Latina consumers, and why should she?

Latina consumers are coming into our own and it’s about time major advertisers appreciate the fact that the majority of Latinas have been here a while and when it comes to language, we speak either English or both languages.

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