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Psychic predictions for 2010 reveal a far-from-boring year

LatinaLista — In what has become a kind of fun tradition at Latina Lista, rather than toast the New Year just yet, I like to post what psychics think will happen in 2010.


There are several psychic sites out there making 2010 predictions but one by a psychic named Nikki is the most extensive list of predictions I’ve seen anywhere. With all the predictions she makes, it’s no wonder she gets more than a few right.

Another psychic actually tackles the immigration issue: President Obama will initiate an Immigration Reform by Summer of 2010 which stirs controversy in the streets of America as protesters collide with each other….causing a major divide in this country greater than the medical reform debate… .

And psychic, Barbara Soblewski Garcia, always has some interesting, if not conservative, insights into the future as well.

If there’s one encouraging sign, none of the predictions I’ve read say anything about the world ending!

2010 Psychic Predictions

The tempo of the US economic recovery period may be disrupted with a few unexpected natural and an international conflict but however fast or slow, one thing for sure is that the unemployment rate will be the lowest in the third quarter of the year since the recession began.

From my perspective, we have about a 75-80 percent chance of 2010 being one of the most financially favorable years that we have seen in a long time.

The stock market will continue to show productivity offering new opportunities for investors and business, indicating a more aggressive period of recovery and economic growth. We will also see a great deal of new start up business ventures now.

Real estate continues to rebound throughout the year.

A better year ahead for the Airline and all those businesses associated with travel and tourism.

The world won’t end in 2012 but we do have the risk of a very bad inflation period that could offset the entire global community. Success will depend on what is set in place to cap interest rates, inflated government spending and taxes in 2010 from the impending inflationary exploits that occur in 2011.

Energy saving and new environmentally friendly products and devices are plentiful and in demand this year.

Global warming and clean air are top priority issues for all industry around the world as scientist show the urgency in respect to the earth as well as the numerous numbers of illnesses and deaths associated to pollution.

Holographic gaming is introduced and becomes a hit in Las Vegas entertainment although its origin was actually created and intended for health and science purposes.


Some of the disruptions in 2010 are natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and volcano’s. To read more on the great earthquake of California, please refer to my article, California Earthquake – Psychic Prediction.

View a video version here //

The unusual climate changes are directly related to Global warming.

The H1N1 was a very difficult pandemic but it is not over. I am sensing mutations of the virus that may not be detected but thought to be something altogether different.

Investigations into the cause of a nuclear plant incident will examine a terrorist affiliation but determined an accident by human error.


China’s deep space and robotic exploration programs expand with in a new joint effort involving Russian technology that not only study climate changes, solar system but also has the capabilities to study changes deep beneath the planets surface.

There may be a few minor changes for China’s first Mars probe but will have a successful launch. It will be transmitting an abundant amount of atmospheric data that could effect how we map climate changes and view our world in the universe.

Unauthorized experiments in human cloning are exposed when a human DNA marker is found in a deep sea creature.

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