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Sears creates new bilingual site for college-bound Latino highschoolers

LatinaLista — School is just barely starting but in those families with sons and daughters who are seniors in high school thoughts about where to go to school next year are already consuming the minds of these families.
Four-year colleges versus community college versus vocational schools — which is the best option?

It’s reported that although 98% of Latino high school students want to attend college, only 25% of college-aged Latinos (18-24) have made it into college classrooms.
Part of that reason is because It’s a confusing process. When parents are only Spanish-speakers, it can seem like a pesadilla. While there are numerous sites out there that list scholarships and try to help parents navigate the application process, it never hurts to have one more site.
To that end, Sears has created a new web site aimed at helping parents and students find the resources they need and provide the explanations on how to properly apply for college.
The PRIMERO Hispanic Heritage Scholarship is a bilingual educational site that also incorporates elements of social networking.

In Spanish, “primero” means “first”. The PRIMERO scholarship awards up to $10,000 toward college costs for those who are “first” in their family to attend college, as well as those continuing the family’s tradition of attaining a higher education.

But not being the first in your family to attend college doesn’t meant the site isn’t useful. There is plenty of information available on the site that can help any family struggling to understand the best way to pay for college.
Visitors to PRIMERO Hispanic Heritage Scholarship site, will find:
Why College – Outlines the benefits of going to college while busting myths versus facts about college.
The Plan – Tells you what to do first to start planning for college, no matter where you are in the process.
The Search – Details the types of colleges you can choose from while helping you find a match with the type of college that best fits you.
The Process – Gives you a monthly “to-do” list, checklist and information on college application requirements and on how to apply.
The Money – Provides information on typical tuition costs and how to navigate through financial aid.
At College – Offers tips for success once in college.
Blogs – Give first-hand tips from real college students on what to expect when applying for or attending college.
The important message is that learning never stops and families owe it to themselves to see that their children succeed today.

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