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Spotlight Non-profit: Veterans undertake 419-mile hike to raise money to help injured comrades — A former Air Force captain claims that casualties among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans now exceed 500,000 when injuries such as mental illness, diseases and other untraditional type afflictions are included in the count.

While military officials may dispute the tally, veterans and active-duty officers know that more and more of their comrades are seeking rehab services for a variety of ailments and they and their families need all the financial help they can get.


For that reason, a new non-profit, American Spartan Inc., was formed with two objectives:

1. Assist families financially so they can be with their loved ones during their rehabilitation.

2. Assist with handicap living expenses, such as home modifications (IE wheel chair ramps, hand rails, etc.) and vehicle adjustment costs for their specific needs.

What makes this nonprofit so unique is that it’s founded and run by active duty and former military volunteers. These volunteers realize it’s going to take a lot of money to help all the deserving wounded warriors and their families and so to raise money the group is planning their first large fundraiser.

In February, about a dozen Marines will begin a 419-mile hike, dubbed the Spartan Hike, along the California coast, beginning in San Francisco and ending in San Clemente.

All the Marines involved in the hike are stationed at Camp Pendleton and will be sponsored by businesses and private donations for every mile they walk. The goal is to raise $100,000.

“As casualties climb during our nine year, two front, War on Terror, there is a greater demand for financial and moral support for wounded veterans. Thus, there is a greater need for organizations like this, and who better to start one than US combat veterans,” said Chairman and Founder, Sergeant Daniel Arcand.

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