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Spotlight Nonprofit: Bridging the world one translation at a time

LatinaLista — It is said that there are between 6,800-6900 distinct languages in the modern world. To make all these different people understand one another usually falls on the shoulders of a translator.

The work of a translator cannot be underestimated. If they don’t use the proper equivalent when translating from one language to another, it can mean the difference between peace and war, life and death, etc. However, the cost of professional translators can be expensive.

For non-profits that operate around the world doing humanitarian work, not having access to a professional translator can put the whole operations at risk. That’s why in 1993 Lori Thicke and Ros Smith-Thomas founded Translators without Borders.

The organization finds non-profits that specifically work around the world in the fields of health, nutrition and education and offers the services of their volunteer translators free of charge.

Access to information is critical. Language barriers cost lives. Aid groups working in crisis-situations face a mission-critical challenge in disseminating knowledge in the language of those that who need it.

Translators without Borders facilitates the transfer of knowledge from one language to another by creating and managing a community of NGOs who need translations and professional, vetted translators who volunteer their time to help.

In a world that is shrinking due to technology, the same can’t be said in the rural and underdeveloped regions of the world. It’s in these places that are still in need of human contact and a human who can act as a bridge to unite two sides that can’t understand the language of each other but can appreciate good intentions.

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