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Spotlight Non-profit: Easing the financial stress of breast cancer patients

LatinaLista– “We know that prevention is key and education is power but who pays the bills?”

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That simple sentence sums up the mission for the Busted Foundation, an organization that fundraises money to specifically help women with their finances as they undergo breast cancer treatment.

Begun in 2007 in Southern California, it wasn’t long before the nonprofit expanded across the state. Future plans are to take it across the nation.

BUSTED FOUNDATION grew out of the dedication and success of Bowling For Boobies®. Bowling For Boobies® began in 2004 lead by Terri Lyman, Stefanie LaHart and Edith Speed as a support to Edith while she was in her own fight with breast cancer.

Edith had been diagnosed with breast cancer and then undergone a double mastectomy only to find that her next battle would be financial. Our event was such a success that year that we were all inspired to continue our efforts and reach out to more women in our local community. In 2007, Busted Foundation was formed and incorporated with the intent of continuing and expanding the work of Bowling For Boobies®.

Applications for the financial aid can be found on the site. Funds are released twice a year and applicants must be either U.S. citizens or legal residents.

In addition to the applications, there is an extensive resource page with listings of organizations and outlets that help with information on breast cancer, debt management, health insurance and financial assistance.

The Foundation is also in need of donations in a variety of forms. Donations can be made either by check or online.

For the first time since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I feel like I can breathe. I was very depressed on the morning I received your letter. I was sitting on the bed not sure about how I could continue I was so in debt at that point. My boyfriend handed me an envelope and told me maybe it would be good news. When I opened your letter and saw your generous check I started screaming and crying…just thinking oh my god, oh my god.

Thank you for not only myself but for all of the women you have helped!
Tracee M., age 35


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