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Spotlight Non-profit: Helping immigrants become part of the American Fraternity


It’s hard enough for immigrants to move to a new country, learn a new language in many cases and learn a whole new set of laws and system for doing things — that’s where American Fraternity comes in.

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Established in 1989 and based in Miami, Florida, American Fraternity works with local and national communities of immigrants to make the transition into life in the United States easier.

We seek to empower people by making them aware of their rights and duties, equipping them to become active members of their communities in order to help create a better tomorrow at the local, national and international levels.

We seek to help spread a message and a purpose of equality and justice for all.

But this non-profit doesn’t just hand out fact sheets instructing immigrants what the laws are in the United States, it also handles a variety of other services that appear to go beyond the call of duty:

Food Assistance
Employability Skills Training
English Courses
Computer Courses
Citizenship Classes
Voters’ Registration
Referral to other Agencies

Health Awareness and Education on:
Substance Abuse Prevention
Early Pregnancy Prevention
AIDS Prevention and Education


Organization and Celebration of Cultural, Civic and Popular Events
Volunteer Opportunities
Distribution of Toys and other Donations

Another area American Fraternity has ventured into is filing a lawsuit on behalf of U.S-born children who are being separated from their families due to current immigration policies.

Because American Fraternity aims to help immigrants in the totality of the experience of becoming an American, donations are accepted in numerous forms. From monetary donations to donations of canned food, clothes, toys and school supplies to volunteer time.

…throughout all these years (American Fraternity) has cried and rejoiced over losses and injustices as well as triumphs and victories at the local and national level. We have had the privilege of investing our time and resources in making the voices of the less privileged heard in an effort to make the American dream of “liberty and justice for all” a reality for everyone regardless of race, color, gender or nationality.

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