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Step-by-step video guides how to make the perfect tamales

LatinaLista — Tamales are always a popular staple of Mexican-American Christmas dinners — but whoever has enough tamales?


In other words, what person can only eat one?

It’s unfortunate, but not enough Latinas/os know how to make tamales from scratch. Usually, abuela or mom or tia guides us in putting the masa together, preparing the hojas and the meat, etc.

Sandra Vasquez knew this.

It was the impetus for her invention the Mas Tamales Masa Spreader to help tamal-making go faster and easier.

There’s no better way to show how her masa spreader works than with making tamales. With step-by step video instructions, Vasquez walks viewers through on how to make the kinds of tamales everybody will pile their plates with.

She even provides the masa and meat recipes (with low-fat and “light” versions) — in case abuela doesn’t want to share her’s yet!


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