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The irony between two legacies — Ronald Reagan and Cesar Chavez — It probably doesn’t get any more ironic than this. On the same day, I receive a notice that there will be a rally on the campus at the University of Texas at El Paso tomorrow to “Reinstate Cesar Chavez Day,” I get an e-mail announcing the new website for the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP).

The RRLP has a new goal as well, since the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan is around the corner on Feb. 6. The RRLP wants to have a memorial created in every state in the nation in honor of the 40th President of the United States.


The Chairman of the RRLP, Grover Norquist, explains why the project is embarking on such an ambitious initiative:

“Every school, road, or courthouse that we name after Ronald Reagan becomes a teaching moment. It will open the door for parents to explain to young children who Ronald Reagan was and to provide a catalyst for learning to those who were too young to remember him in their early years.”

Though there is a difference of opinion when it comes to how much Latinos should celebrate Cesar Chavez, those who do support keeping his memory alive say the same thing when it comes to preserving the day in Chavez’s honor.

While it would be appropriate to build memorials in honor of Reagan, a past US president, it can’t be overlooked that in a country with a growing Latino population that it’s also important to have memorials to Latino figures as well.

As the director of the RRLP said, memorials serve as “teachable moments” to passing on the stories of important figures in the history of our country to a new generation. At the same time, it can instill a sense of pride, especially among those populations that have to look far and wide to find a memorial that recognizes the contributions of someone that looks like them or comes from a similar background.

It just seems ironic that one legacy is pushing for more memorials and the other legacy is fighting to get reinstated.

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