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The First Step in Healing the Country Takes Action, and it Doesn’t Have to Start in DC


I regularly read Latina Lista and I have a question for you. I find the direction this country is taking regarding immigration very disturbing. Beyond letting my Congress-critters know how I feel, how can I get involved? What can I do to change the tone of the discourse? What groups (especially local to NYC, my hometown) can I volunteer with or assist?
E-mail from a Latina Lista reader

It’s not unusual for readers to contact Latina Lista and ask this question.

I can certainly understand the frustration from reading about all that is happening in the country regarding undocumented immigrants, and even the problems themselves of Latino youth, and wonder that there has to be something more than just reading blogs regurgitating the dire injustices or statistics.

So, I’ve thought of a couple of ways to put thought/intention into action:

ESL students

English-as-a-Second Language classes: We know that any type of immigration reform bill will include a provision that there be shown a satisfactory fluency in English. Contrary to the false rhetoric that is preached saying that immigrants don’t want to learn English, we know there are waiting lists for these classes. What is needed is more space and more teachers. The most common places holding such classes now are at libraries and churches. Check in your city or town and see where there is the greatest need.

Helping Latino youth

Volunteer with Latino youth: A good organization to go through is Big Brothers and Big Sisters. They screen everyone and then pair you up with someone they think would be a good match. It’s not always easy but, in the end, it is rewarding.

Immigration March

Join a March. This may depend on where you live, but in certain areas of the country protest marches are taking place in defense of the undocumented or anti-undocumented immigrant ordinances created by city councils.

I am sure there are many other areas in need of volunteers. If Latina Lista readers have more suggestions, please send them.

It’s obvious eveyone is getting tired of the talk and ready to do something.

Isn’t that the first step in any healing process?

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