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The only thing ridiculous about the idea of “The Tequila Party” is its name

LatinaLista — As the GOP increasingly becomes “party non grata” to the Latino community due to their opposition of the DREAM Act and every other bill that seems to disproportionately adversely affect the Latino community, talk of creating a “Tequila Party” is gaining momentum.

What at first may have been proposed as a joke, for shock value, is now gathering serious steam among certain groups, but still remains a big laugh to others.

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For example, Fox News Latino is running a poll asking readers what a Hispanic party should be called. The choices they have provided readers are: “The Tequila Party,” “The Cafe Party” and “The Salsa Party.” Not very flattering or serious options.

But there is also a choice saying the whole idea is ridiculous. At last count, the ridiculous idea option was garnering the most votes.

Yet if you take the time to think about it, the basic idea really isn’t that ridiculous. What’s ridiculous is thinking that only Latinos would want to belong to a party that recognized the contributions and presence of those underrepresented in current political leadership.

At this point in the history of our country, the idea has merit.

However, it would be ridiculous to name such a party, “The Tequila Party,” for several reasons:

1. It feeds into negative stereotyping.
2. It automatically limits, in turn, diminishes potential political clout by making non-Latinos feel unwelcome.
3. It fails the test for what Latinos have been trying to remind today’s political leadership: “We are a nation of immigrants.”



Any title for a new party must be one that can make everyone feel it is their party, and not just for a particular demographic.

It must be a party that truly starts from scratch in creating platform positions important to its members.

It must be a party that gets back to basics about being by the people and for the people.

It must be a party that holds strong accountability over their elected party leaders and rules of conduct for all members.

It must be a party united by the overriding goal of doing what’s best for all people. That would mean getting to know the issues of Native Americans on reservations, Latinos who live in colonias, white Appalachia, etc.

It must be a party that is willing to fight with reason, logic, compassion and truth on the issues.

And above all, it must be a party that truly recognizes the equality of genders and all people.

Such a party does seem like a pipe dream, but when enough people start having the same dream — it can’t help but become reality.

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