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Video: From wood to strings — creating the flamenco guitar

LatinaLista — Vassilis Lazarides has been making classical and flamenco guitars since 1995. Some might think it strange for a Greek to be making such an iconic symbol of Spanish culture but to Lazarides it’s all about the art.

In fact, for this guitar maker, guitar making is all about combining the science with the art in the over 299 hours that are needed to create a musical instrument masterpiece.

The way Lazarides creates his guitars is the subject of a short documentary entitled “The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca.” Produced and filmed by the Greek filmmaking group DeepGreenSea, the multi-disciplinary group of artistic filmmakers strive to create emotional experiences that can excite, provoke and educate.

In the featured video, the creative use of graphics within the video, accompanied by the distinctive flamenco music, make for an entertaining, educational and attractive film.

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