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Type of car you drive reveals your choice for President

LatinaLista — Now that early voting records have been smashed and people are turning out to vote, it’s time to sit back and wait for the results to show who is the winner of the 2008 presidential election.
Of course, some predictions have already been made:
Cartoonist Gary Trudeau penned in his Doonesbury strip last week that Obama would win.
Even British bookies are betting on an Obama win. In fact, Irish bookies are so sure Obama is going to win that one Irish bookie declared the race over after the last presidential debate and has already paid out winnings.
Yet, not everyone is so sure that Obama has the race all wrapped up.
The “Bible of Car Prices”, Kelley Blue Book has arrived at a somewhat different conclusion by looking at the cars people drive. The company says that McCain leads among owners of domestic and luxury cars including GMC (61%), Chevrolet (60%), Buick and Dodge (58%), Ford (57%), Lexus, BMW and Lincoln (52%).

McCain supporters drive GMC cars.
Source: Kelley Blue Book

Also, 66% of full-size truck owners prefer McCain, as do, 61% of SUVs and luxury SUVs.
When it comes to Obama, he leads among import owners — the Mini (70%), Subaru (61%), Saab (59%) and Honda, 50%.

Obama supporters drive the Mini Cooper.
Source: Kelley Blue Book

Other car owners who support Obama are 59% of station wagon owners, 55% of hatchback owners, crossover SUVs (52%) and hybrids (48%).
Even though in the past two presidential elections, Blue Book predictions have accurately predicted a winner, this year, their research shows it’s too close to call.
So they decided to play it safe — they’ve refused to predict a winner this election.
Let’s hope this year’s election isn’t that close.

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