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Video: Conquering inner demons is a matter of ‘drawing out’ emotions

LatinaLista — Emotions are the ‘life’ of us or the ‘death’ of us. They are the only things that take people to the heights of euphoria or to the depths of despair — and it’s natural.

According to Emily Eldridge, emotions are “energy in motion” — both positive and negative. The positive emotions aren’t worrisome but it’s the negative emotions that prove to be the downfall of many. Some people refer to these negative emotions as their ‘inner demons.’

Eldridge knows how inner demons can undermine our sense of self-worth, threaten our confidence, make the world around us seem dark and responsible for preventing us from achieving success. Rather than see these sets of emotions as negative or the inner demons, Eldridge has developed a revolutionary new technique for emotional healing that starts with looking at these emotions as a cast of characters who only want to be heard. Eldridge teaches how to acknowledge these emotions through a program called the Drawing Out Process (DrOP).

In this TEDx Talk, Eldridge explains how to start tackling our inner demons with DrOP and how it can help change lives.

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