April 1, 2024

What do the names Loki, Zeus, Luna and Nova have in common? Besides sounding like science fiction characters they’re among the most popular names for our — dogs! It’s a shame too that more Americans may not have fur babies, or as many, in the future; A 60 Minutes report shows just how much deadlier Russia and Putin are to the world than previously imagined; Who would have thought the world’s most powerful laser is found in a former Communist country; Economists released a sobering assessment of just how much homebuyers need to earn to buy a house today. Even with rents high, renting comes out on top; Do you think artificial sweeteners are worse for weight gain and blood sugar control? Researchers finally did a full-blown study and have new findings; and The term “Whitexican” refers to a particular issue that has long existed in Mexico — and what many didn’t want to talk about until the rise of social media. Go beyond the headlines…

New survey reveals the 10 most common male and female dog names

Havana syndrome: Report links mystery illness to Russian intelligence unit

Americans Can No Longer Afford Their Pets

Homebuyers need to earn 80% more than they did in 2020 to afford a home in today’s market

5 tips for not getting tricked online this April Fools’ Day — and beyond

Romania center explores world’s most powerful laser

Study Debunks Myth: Sweeteners Don’t Increase Appetite, Help Reduce Blood Sugar

Our 5 favorite AI voice notes apps for different purposes

What is a Whitexican, and what do they say about Mexico?

More Than 100 Apparently New Species Found in Deep Sea off Chile

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