March 29, 2024

News that the 6 construction workers killed in the Baltimore bridge collapse were all Latino immigrants underscored the historic role Latinos have had in the building and maintenance of the US, along with other immigrants. In fact, according to a new study, immigrants bring a quality to the US business sector that ensures the nation’s prosperity; Speaking of immigrants, one researcher says there is an easy way to curb illegal immigration, if there’s political will; Remember the ‘Great Recession’ when the housing crisis spurred mass foreclosures? Another mass event is signaling a new crisis threatening the economy, according to analysts; Legends grew around a 6th Century Chinese emperor. Now, DNA paints a truer picture; Do you know where baseball, our nation’s favorite summer pastime, originated? You’d be surprised; and The future is here, at least at an Amazon store near you. Go beyond the headlines…

Immigrants and Latinos are most entrepreneurial in U.S., study finds

Sexual violence in Haiti ‘severely underreported,’ ‘largely unpunished’ UN says

Tweaking US trade policy could hold the key to reducing migration from Central America

Is the US media layoffs phenomenon the next housing crisis?

Song lyrics getting simpler, more repetitive, angry and self-obsessed – study

Ancient DNA reveals intriguing details about a sixth century Chinese emperor

How Baseball’s Official Historian Dug Up the Game’s Unknown Origins

Amazon One launches new app to scan your palm for checkout

Woman’s Rights Activist Found Dead in El Salvador

‘Gringo go home’: Mexico City’s housing crisis precedes digital nomads

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