April 2, 2024

War is never just between two opposing leaders. It’s always between masses of people who are dragged into a fight by their leaders in the name of ‘defending’ their country/identity/etc. In actuality, one side is forced to fight for the delusions of their leader while the other side is forced to fight to defend against those same invading delusions. Sometimes the differences are historic and grievances so longstanding that who the defenders and the aggressors are is blurred in memory. Yet, war should never target those who just want to help. Aside from the vast number of Palestinians and Israelis who have been killed in the ongoing war between these Biblical enemies, countless First Responders and aid workers have been killed. The latest aid workers were seven people from countries outside the Middle East who were trying to bring food to the starving victims of Israel’s vengeance. We are long past the justification that aid workers are unintended or necessary casualties of war. We are long past the excuse that Hamas fighters are hiding among the starving. We should be long past giving Netanyahu a free pass to obliterate a people whom he and other extremists have wanted to annihilate thinking it would make their lives easier. Because of Israel’s ‘accident,’ the World Central Kitchen is suspending its operations. Who can blame them. They’ve lost seven workers whose only motivation to be amid the fighting was to help feed the desperately starving children, women and men of Gaza. What Hamas did was horrendous and should be punished but what Israel is doing is what history will remember and how the rest of us will be judged for eternity; Question: Is it cheaper to rent or buy a starter home?; We know alcohol fuels a lot of crime: drunk driving, domestic violence, fights, etc. But one particularly violent neighborhood saw a 40% decrease in one type of crime just because they closed the bars early; and The Solar Eclipse is only days away. It’s a historic event that everyone should be able to enjoy. Now, a new device lets the blind enjoy it equally. Go beyond the headlines…

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