April 12, 2021

Ever since the government refused to acknowledge the symbiotic relationship between the US and our neighbors to the south, our nation has had an immigration “crisis.” Its severity depends on how the president perceives the situation. Unfortunately, when there are white supremacists and nationalists who have infiltrated themselves into our politics and media, their anti-immigrant rhetoric not just complicates the situation by adding more noise but forces the hand of the government to try just about anything to address the problem out of exasperation. Maybe that explains the latest idea the Biden admin is floating to stem migration. On the surface, it’s a humanitarian answer to a social crisis but underneath, it’s just a bad idea; A new picture book brings the horrific stories of child migrants to life; It seems CEOs aren’t listening to the GOP to stay out of politics; and Scientists tells western states to brace themselves for the start of the worst impact from climate change. Go beyond the headlines…

Exclusive-U.S. considering cash payments to Central America to stem migration

A Picture Book About Children At The Border Aims To Spark Family Conversations

Biden budget ends funding for border wall

100+ corporate executives consider freezing donations over laws curbing voting access

Western U.S. may be entering its most severe drought in modern history

Unusual treatment shows promise for kids with brain tumors

Surprising lung reaction may explain why Covid is hard to treat

Clim8 pledges to fix “dysfunctional” ethical investment world with new app

Mexican online news site launches campaign to help artisans sell online

Guillermo Lasso: Conservative ex-banker elected Ecuador president

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