April 9, 2021

Since it’s Friday, I like to add a few extra headlines to the list to tide our curiosity over till Monday. However, the intent of the Daily Habit is to keep you curious: The CDC just declared this to be ” a serious public health threat;” Even spy agencies are sounding the alarm as to what the major threat is to global stability; New study finds a curious connection between Australia’s indigenous people and South Americans; Want to know the best 100 jobs in 2021?; Egyptian archeologists just announced a stunning discovery; and A new app ‘checks’ the boxes in making learning chess fun for kids. Go beyond the headlines…

CDC declares racism ’a serious public health threat’

Climate change is a major threat to stability, spy agencies say

A Record Number Of Immigrant Children Are Crossing The Border Alone As Biden Continues To Expel Most Asylum-Seekers

Faith in numbers: Trump held steady among believers at the ballot – it was the nonreligious vote he lost in 2020

Surprising study suggests Indigenous Australians migrated to South America

100 Best Jobs of 2021

‘Lost golden city of Luxor’ discovered by archaeologists in Egypt

Third of Antarctic ice shelf area at risk of collapse as planet warms

Study Finds Rat Poison in Dead Eagles From Across the U.S.

Why Pronouncing Names Correctly Is More Than Common Courtesy

Starbucks launches reusable cup program — here’s how it works

New ChessKid Adventure App Released

In Peru, authorities allowed secret burials of virus victims

Crisis in Guatemala drives migrants to U.S. border

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