April 14, 2023

It could be my imagination but it seems that the cases that went before the US Supreme Court didn’t all hinge on transforming the country. Nowadays, every other case seems to be monumental ones that impact the nation. It could be because the GOP is trying to dismantle the nonpartisan, equal opportunity gains made in this country since the 1960s and are continually trying to remake the country according to their own ideology — regardless of the rules of law. For example, with two separate federal judges issuing opposing rulings on the abortion pill, it’s now the Supreme Court’s turn to issue the final ruling. I think we know how this will end with so many conservative justices; Biden admin just announced some good news for DACA recipients; The National Recording Registry just inducted its first reggaeton song; and Bruises and kids go hand-in-hand but when does a bruise signal something more serious like child abuse? A new app hopes to make that distinction clearer. Go beyond the headlines…

All eyes on SCOTUS for abortion pill ruling

Iran executions up 75% as Tehran seeks to ‘instill fear’ in protesters, rights groups say

Biden announces Medicaid, ObamaCare access for DACA recipients

Why is Tax Day on April 18 this year? And how did early spring become tax season, anyhow?

Daddy Yankee’s ‘Gasolina’ is the National Recording Registry’s first reggaeton song

Apes may have evolved upright stature for leaves, not fruit, in open woodland habitats

Wealthy Residents’ Pools and Gardens Are Driving Water Crises

New App Aims to Improve Recognition, Treatment of Child Abuse

Mexico ordered to change laws on preventative detentions

Chilean Congress approves bill reducing work week to 40 hours

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