April 13, 2023

Whether we like it or not, or love listening to the most optimistic in the Federal Reserve, there’s going to be a recession in the next few months. Some say it will be mild. Others forecast an event that will rival the ‘Great Depression’ of 1929. Whichever it is, we all need to pay off our debts, build up savings and hunker down; So, now that the House GOP honeymoon is over, what’s in store for the country? So far, their committees pursue retaliation against anyone who opposes Trump, rather than creating policies that actually help govern the country. Shameful; A geoscientist discovers a new material he bought on eBay; and Chile’s telescope maps dark matter in the finest detail yet. Go beyond the headlines…

Fed economists project recession this year, in potential blow to Biden

Ukraine war, already with up to 354,000 casualties, likely to last past 2023 – U.S. documents

100 days in power: House GOP honeymoon may be over

‘It’s Almost the Same as Living on the Street’: This is How People Picking Your Vegetables Have To Live

How Colorado River Levels Stand as U.S. Mulls Plan for Failure

Florida geoscientist discovers new material in rock bought on eBay

Cybersecurity researcher explains how to use your phone to make passwords a thing of the past

New App Enhances User Experience for Every USGA Event

Mexican women in tech tell their stories in new book

Mysterious dark matter mapped in finest detail yet by Chile’s Atacama telescope

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