April 17, 2020

People around the globe are getting antsy because of staying home for so long. Did you hear about the archeologists in Peru arrested for violating the stay-at-home orders? So, state by state, city by city are relaxing the stay-at-home orders with one caveat — we all must now wear face masks when out in public. Yet, how do we know if we have the right kind of mask to keep us safe or if we are even making it right, if we sew it up ourselves. Here’s a handy guide to help us; With each passing day, the nation is increasingly appalled at Trump’s behavior and handling of this crisis. It’s become imperative that he be defeated in November. One Latino group just launched a national campaign to make sure that happens; MIT creates a router-style box to monitor coronavirus patients quarantining at home; and There’s a new app to combat climate change. Stay safe, healthy and curious. Go beyond the headlines…

Making masks at home – what you need to know about how to reduce the transmission of coronavirus

Top Hispanic group launches ‘Latinos con Biden’

UN report: Pandemic turning into a ‘child-rights crisis’

U.S. correctional facilities report steep rise in coronavirus infection rate

Coronavirus auto insurance refunds: Here’s what you need to know

EPA gutting rule credited with coal-plant toxic air cleanup

MIT invents a WiFi router-style wireless box that can monitor the breathing and sleeping patterns of coronavirus patients who are at home in quarantine

New app helps combat climate change

Brazil president fires health minister over disagreements during coronavirus crisis

Archeologist team arrested in Peru for violating lockdown to excavate pre-Columbian tombs

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