April 16, 2020

Even as the death rate from the coronavirus reaches new milestones, and many small business owners discovering they’ve been out maneuvered by big companies, with armies of lawyers, for a slice from any federal bailout, Trump’s administration has been steadfast in their persecution of undocumented immigrants. Thankfully, California is showing the kind of compassion that should be emulated across the country; One official accuses Trump admin of committing the most dangerous kind of export in these COVID-19 times; Having trouble applying for unemployment? There’s an app for that!; and How about a face mask from a group known more for their indigenous art? Go beyond the headlines…

Latinos Are Essential Workers. Will They Be Essential Voters?

Democrats urge Trump to halt border wall construction during pandemic

California to give cash payments to immigrants hurt by virus

Official Alleges The U.S. Has Deported Many COVID-19-Positive Migrants To Guatemala

Trump wants to reopen America in a few weeks. In internal documents, federal health officials warn the bar to do so safely may be too high.

Research finds teachers just as likely to have racial bias as non-teachers

This free app can help you quickly file for unemployment

The Museum of Modern Art Now Offers Free Online Classes

Mexican indigenous make masks to prevent coronavirus

‘The trees are my grandparents’: the Ecuador tribe trying to save its culture

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