April 18, 2023

Ever since the MAGA/ultra-right infiltrated US politics, the common lament has been how they’re taking the country backwards — the overturning of Roe V. Wade, book banning/censoring, the proliferation of gun access/carrying without regard to safeguards, the discrimination of gay and trans adults and children, and the list goes on. Hand-in-hand with these archaic perspectives is the rise in popularity among some of white nationalism, communism, authoritarianism, etc. This rise is the deadliest to our society. These people are not whistle-blowers. They don’t do what they’re doing because they so fundamentally disagree with US politics, as much as they now support those authoritarian countries that are anti-democratic – just like the US Navy veteran who was discovered to run a pro-Russia account and spread the leak of the recent documents by a young guy who wanted to be a big man among his cyber peers; Is the 2-party political system on its last legs?; A disgusting thing just happened in Oklahoma and, thankfully, the GOP governor stepped up and did the right thing; and Looking to buy an EV (electric vehicle)? Check out which ones still qualify for a tax credit. Go beyond the headlines…

Memorials to racial violence face resistance in U.S.

U.S. Navy Veteran Runs Pro-Russia Account That Spread Leaked Docs

Poll: Largest percentage of Americans identify as independents

Oklahoma governor calls for resignations after county officials reportedly discussed killing journalists, hanging Black people

Poverty Is The Fourth Greatest Cause Of U.S. Deaths

The worst-case scenario for drought on the Colorado River

These 14 EVs are the only ones left that get the tax credit

What the Tech: Become a garden expert with new app

Number of Mexicans deported from US up 41% from 2022

Picture essay: Andes community devastated by climate crisis

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