April 2, 2020

This week’s unemployment numbers have been released: 6.6 million. Many of our family members, neighbors and friends are included in this dismal number and we know it’s only going to increase. And it’s the reason, like none in recent history for the majority of Americans, that we must be there to support one another. Whether it’s financially, emotionally or physically, we all are impacted by coronavirus now. We must take the virus seriously and adhere to the proper precautions, while we strive to be there for those who need us. In the midst of all this: Early observations of the rate of Latinos filling out the US Census are not good; Trump won’t reopen ACA enrollment for the uninsured. What’s the alternative?; and Want to (virtually) escape to Austin and enjoy the Latino cultural scene? Here’s how. Go beyond the headlines…

Preliminary Census response by Latinos ‘very concerning’ to national organization promoting the count

Trump admin won’t reopen ACA enrollment for uninsured amid outbreak

Univision releases Spanish-language census ‘anthem’

Working Out From Home: Yes, you can do strength training at home without fancy equipment. Here’s how.

5 Buddhist teachings that can help you deal with coronavirus anxiety

Why This Rare, Huge Ozone Hole Over the Arctic Is Troubling Scientists

A ‘pink’ supermoon is set to appear in early April, marking the arrival of spring with the biggest and brightest lunar event of 2020

Cultura en Austin: How to enjoy virtual Latino arts in Austin

The young Brazilians fighting for the Amazon

How Mexico Is Coping With A Coronavirus Outbreak Partially Imported From Vail, Colorado

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