April 2, 2021

On a day as Good Friday, which commands global recognition, it’s ironic that an issue that shares this day hardly registers with most of us — World Autism Acceptance Day. Advocates say they want more than just awareness that autistic people are a part of the fabric of human life. Unfortunately, many marginalized people suffer the same. That’s why the Justice Dept. has now taken up the cause to help Native Americans with an issue that’s long overdue of recognition; There’s fresh data on how Trump campaign made such deep inroads with Latino voters, and it’s not pretty; STEM is the future of good-paying jobs in the future. A new Pew study uncovers a disturbing trend when it comes to Latinos and STEM; Use TikTok? Native Americans are sharing stories via the app; and Guess which country has been crowned the title “most efficient government”? Hint: It’s not the U.S. Go beyond the headlines…

On World Autism Acceptance Day, Advocates Seek More Than Awareness

Exclusive: Fresh data reveal how Trump made inroads with Latinos

Poorer and minority older adults are suspicious of the US health care system – a new study shows why

Biden Administration Considers Overhaul Of Asylum System At Southern Border

Justice Department working with tribes on missing persons

Hispanics In Wine Organization Aims To Empower Latinx Wine Communities

Latino gap in STEM workforce is not narrowing, Pew study finds

Sunlight Inactivates Coronavirus 8 Times Faster Than Predicted. We Need to Know Why

Your body is trying to tell you something

RezTok: Indigenous storytellers find stronger voice on popular platform

Discova fixes holiday fashion faux pas with new travel clothing app

Chilean school aims to protect and inspire vulnerable people

Costa Rica has world’s most efficient government, study shows

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