April 1, 2021

One of the most egregious acts of the prior administration, among many, was gutting the foundation of the founding of the country by removing the words “nation of immigrants.” In another effort to rectify these wrongs, the Biden admin is rewriting the USCIS’s mission, with a little help; Treasury Sec. Yellen admits one group has suffered the most in this economic crisis; A fourth wave of the Covid virus is coming and there’s only one ‘party’ to blame; Ever curious about how it would feel to be on LSD? There’s an app for that!; and Peruvians just made another stunning archaeological find. Go beyond the headlines…

Internal CDC data shows virus regaining foothold as Biden urges states to pause reopening

USCIS using internal survey to help rewrite immigration agency’s mission statement

Latino community hit ‘disproportionately hard’ in economic crises, Treasury Sec Yellen says

National Hispanic Cannabis Council Launches To Support Latino Businesses And Consumers

4 reasons why migrant children arriving alone to the US create a ‘border crisis’

Three Latina scientists at forefront of Covid testing are proud to be part of ‘history’

Research shows more activity doesn’t mean you burn more calories

New app claims to make you trip like you’re on LSD

3,200-Year-Old Mural of Knife-Wielding Spider God Found in Peru

Monument to peace: 4,700 guns went into creating Mexico City sculpture

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