April 3, 2024

One major political boast presidents, and former presidents, like to make when running for office is their record on the US economy. It’s already started in this presidential election. Yet a new study finds that one party is actually telling the truth when it comes to making that boast; Seems Costco wants to be the all-around, one-stop shop — even for losing weight; Recent articles have highlighted just how hard it is to buy a home in today’s market, and Baby Boomers aren’t helping with where they plan to spend their retirement years; NASA says it’s time to create ‘Moon Standard Time’; Ever wish you could just listen to news articles instead of reading them? The New York Times is about to make that wish come true; and A new platform to help students home from college land that first internship or summer job just got funding and closer to making all those ‘work dreams’ a reality. Go beyond the headlines…

US Economy Performs Far Better Under Democrats Than Republicans: Study

Taiwan struck by biggest earthquake in 25 years

Costco offers eligible members access to GLP-1 weight-loss drugs

‘Til Death Do Us Part: More Than Three-Quarters of Baby Boomers Plan to Stay In Their Home As They Grow Older

The best way to memorize stuff isn’t the same for all situations

Moon Standard Time? Nasa to create lunar-centric time reference system

Exclusive: New York Times to soon offer most articles via automated voice

Home From College, a career platform for Gen Z

In Central Mexico, Fear of Kidnapping Forces Residents to Adapt

Gold mining reduced this Amazon rainforest to a moonscape. Now Peruvian miners are restoring it

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