April 21, 2022

While the world has rightfully been focused on Ukraine’s survival in the face of an invasion by an autocratic despot, we need to turn our eyes towards home and the authoritarian threat this GOP party poses to our democracy. Forget, for the moment, the rollback of women’s rights, voting restrictions and the over-thetop publicity stunts playing with the lives of desperate immigrants seeking asylum, and look at Florida’s governor’s retaliation against Disney for not towing the state political line. The behavior is but a canary in the coal mine for the nation’s future and it all stems from “Trump’s Personality Cult.” How much do we love our democracy will be the real question; Though Russia’s Putin just ordered his forces not to storm the steel plant in Mariupol where the last defenders of the city are holding out, President Zelenskyy reveals Russians are being “maximally cruel;” Where do America’s immigrants come from?; A new report uncovers just how the US is doing maintaining good air quality; Ever wonder where your favorite series or movies are filming? Yes, there’s an app for that. Go beyond the headlines…

Zelenskyy: Russians being ‘maximally cruel’

UN chief asks to meet Putin, Zelenskyy to negotiate end to war

The One Way History Shows Trump’s Personality Cult Will End

Here’s where America’s immigrants come from

A quarter of Black, Latino seniors report health care discrimination

US air quality report finds a sharp uptick in pollution, with the hardest-hit cities in California

Study challenges theories of earlier human arrival in Americas

New app shows where your fave movies and tv series are filming

Drought conditions now reported in more than half of Mexico

Colombia’s impact investing ecosystem could “teach the rest of the world”

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