April 25, 2022

While Putin continues his delusional attack and invasion, US officials are visiting Ukraine to voice more support — making Russia nervous; The Supreme Court will decide the fate of migrants waiting in Mexico; A scholarship foundation wanted to know why more Latinos don’t graduate from college. So, they asked; New report finds children are dying more from the most preventable cause of death; Are you so competitive that even your health is fair ‘game’?; and Why are hundreds of German immigrants flocking to Paraguay, not to visit but to call home? Go beyond the headlines…

US will return diplomats to Ukraine 

Russia warned United States against sending more arms to Ukraine

Supreme Court weighs policy for migrants to wait in Mexico

How the pandemic is changing home design

A Denver scholarship foundation wanted to know how to help Hispanic men get to college. Here’s what it found

Scientists discover how salt in tumors could help diagnose and treat breast cancer

Firearms Kill More Children Than Car Crashes, New Report Finds

New health app that lets you compare your metrics with peers

How Asia came to influence the design of Mexico’s iconic rebozo

The German towns in Paraguay with a surge in European immigrants

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