April 24, 2020

Before highlighting today’s headlines, we (unbelievably) feel we must say: LYSOL, AND OTHER SIMILAR DISINFECTANTS, WILL NOT CURE OR ERADICATE THE CORONAVIRUS FROM ANYONE’S BODY! DO NOT SNIFF, DRINK OR INJECT YOURSELF WITH ANY DISINFECTANT CLEANER OR BLEACH. As most know, Trump left open the possibility that this could be a possible cure. In addition to highlighting Trump’s continuing reckless behavior at these daily rally shows, he’s dangerously masquerading as having medical knowledge at a time when people desperately need correct information to save their lives. Spread the word among those friends and family members who believe everything from this White House. Sen. Majority Leader McConnell is in a lot of hot water over some controversial comments, and now he’s feeling heat from the Hispanic Caucus; Why are Native Americans being left out of the coronavirus data gathering?; and Venezuela’s collapse is accelerating. Go beyond the headlines…

Hispanic Caucus pushes McConnell on ‘Dreamer’ bill

Latino communities struggle amid coronavirus outbreak: “They’re crying. They’re desperate.”

These words and views suggest who dehumanizes immigrants

Native Americans being left out of US coronavirus data and labelled as ‘other’

Report: Racial gap in state prisons has shrunk

Why the pandemic is making U.S. economic inequality even worse

Uber is offering 50,000 free rides, free food to shelters for domestic abuse victims

Archaeologists verify Florida’s Mound Key as location of elusive Spanish fort

Satellite data show Amazon rainforest likely drier, more fire-prone this year

AI platform matches recently unemployed workers with urgent job openings

Enjoy Free Video Tours of Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Across America

‘Living Through A Nightmare’: Brazil’s Manaus Digs A Mass Grave As Deaths Mount

Venezuelans Loot Shops as Country Continues Collapse

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