April, 26, 2023

‘Polarizing Politics’ has been used so often it’s devolved into a cliché — but bears repeating! If anyone thinks the term is merely an abstract concept, then they aren’t paying attention to the news, their communities and within their own families. One telling example of this polarization is lethal in showcasing the differences — gun violence. A study was done on where in the country there’s the highest gun violence, and as one headline touted, “It’s not even close;” Analysts find “dramatic disparities” among the pandemic’s most food insecure households; Are the ‘No Labels’ a serious political party?; Scientists just got a 100% cure rate for treating a deadly brain cancer – in mice; and Researchers at one Midwestern university are testing a new app for students with eating disorders — and see the potential for wider reach. Go beyond the headlines…

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It’s Not Even Close.

Russia Says Likelihood of Nuclear Weapons Being Used Growing by the Day

“Dramatic disparities” among the pandemic’s hungriest households

No Labels is getting on state ballots, drawing a lawsuit and concerns about a spoiler

‘It’s going to hit the consumer hard,’ Those with higher credit scores may pay higher mortgage fees

Gel cures 100% of mice with deadly brain cancer

Searching For Ancient Bears In An Alaskan Cave Led To An Important Human Discovery

New smartphone app helps University of Kansas students with eating disorders, with potential for broader reach

Centuries-old teenage mummy unearthed in Peru

Mexico army ignored cartel warnings before mass student kidnapping, emails show

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