April 25, 2023

It’s official: President Biden is running for reelection. There’s no denying Biden was the political savior of the country against the prospect of a second-term Trump. However, 4 years later and both Biden and Trump are in different places though they both see themselves back in the Oval Office. The GOP’s roster of wannabe presidential candidates seems to be growing every week. Yet, maybe out of respect for Biden or the fact that politics is a really nasty business these days or that the Democratic Party hasn’t really groomed/promoted anyone younger, Democrats are faced with no choice other than the incumbent. That may not be a great strategy in these times; Gallup just polled the world about Russia and their findings are far from surprising; Layoffs are becoming more routine and everyone, even the Fed, are predicting a recession is on the way. Here are 9 steps to prepare your finances now; The Mayans left behind so many unexplained secrets. Now, a pair of anthropologists solved one Mayan mystery. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden announces reelection bid to continue America’s comeback

Gallup: Majority of the world disapproves of Russia’s leadership

Push to change Puerto Rico status faces new challenges

Worried about a potential recession? Here’s 9 steps to prepare your finances now

A Comprehensive Guide to Every Streaming Service

Your dog can join you for outdoor dining, FDA says

Anthropologist pair solve the mystery of Mayan 819-day count

The New Global Citizen App: Daily Activism & Measurable Impact in Your Pocket

Argentina faces economic crisis as annual inflation reaches 104%

Exclusive: Venezuela Seeks a Deal with Biden as Colombia Summit Begins

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