April 28, 2020

It’s no wonder that Trump is falling in the polls, especially with his major disinfectant fiasco, but several headlines suggest more pain at the polls await Trump: National Latino and immigration groups released a letter Monday accusing Trump of purposely leaving Latinos out of coronavirus aid; DACA recipients shocked to learn that their personal information is far from private and in the hands of ICE; A lawsuit was filed against Trump over stimulus checks denied to those married to immigrants; and A global mask shortage leaves farmers and farm workers at the mercy of pesticides. As we said, lots of pain for Trump White House. But do check out the headline of a new discovery scientists made about — our eyes! Go beyond the headlines…

How to clean, reuse or hack a coronavirus mask

National Latino, immigration groups say Trump left Latinos out of coronavirus aid, and Congress for more help

Democrats: DeVos overstepped by blocking emergency aid to undocumented college students

DACA recipients shocked to learn that ICE has access to their information

Lawsuit filed against Trump over stimulus checks denied to those married to immigrants

A global mask shortage may leave farmers and farm workers exposed to toxic pesticides

The Pentagon Has Officially Released Three Videos Showing UFOs

Discovery: Scientists find for the first time how the eyes drain cellular waste and debris

Virtual barbershop guides you through a haircut during lockdown

El Salvador’s President Takes On The Country’s Gangs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Ambitious project releases film about life, culture and people of Mexico

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