April 29,2020

While social media — think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc — are heralded as keeping people connected, it’s clearer just how it’s used to divide us. Case in point: social media is the main engine for driving misinformation about the coronavirus and public sentiment about breaking stay-at-home shelter rules. The remedy? That’s what’s stumping everyone; And should Latinos be anymore worried about COVID-19 than others?; and In regular Trump retaliation, he now suggests withholding coronavirus funding from these cities; and Instagram just created something to make fundraising easier. Go beyond the headlines…

The curious case of Latinos and Covid-19

The dangerous global flood of misinformation surrounding COVID-19

Pentagon pulls money from overseas projects to pay for border wall

Trump suggests coronavirus funding for states could be tied to sanctuary city policies

Poll: Half Of Americans Financially Affected By Coronavirus

Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation

Men twice as likely to die from COVID-19 than women, study on Chinese coronavirus patients suggests

Instagram now allows users to fundraise for nonprofits while live streaming

Chile to introduce controversial ‘virus-free’ certificates

‘A little seed of happiness’: Brazilian musicians jam online during lockdown

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