April 28, 2021

Tonight, President Biden delivers his first address to Congress and reports say Republicans have already created their fighting bullet points to combat everything Biden lays out in his agenda. What this really means is the GOP plans to obstruct Biden and the Dems not because the plan is too costly or makes families and children a priority but because the GOP see challenging Biden as pleasing their right-wing constituents, the Mar-A-Lago mob, and it will preserve their power. Is their strategy on the right path in this day and age? Remember when the Trump admin interfered with the US Census? Now, given the data, Latinos are left wondering if we were counted; Check out the breakdown of what exactly is in Biden’s American Families Plan; Florida bracing for a mosquito season unlike others; and Peruvians ‘cleaning’ up river pollution with innovation. Go beyond the headlines…

What to expect from Joe Biden’s first address to Congress

Census data leaves Latinos wondering: Were we counted?

Here’s what’s in Biden’s American Families Plan

Biden’s 100-day numbers: Migrant kids

US landmarks bearing racist and Colonial references are renamed to reflect Indigenous values

There Is Growing Segregation In Millennial Wealth

Genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Florida after years of planning

Researchers develop a robotic guide dog to assist blind individuals

Probiotic soap keeps rivers clean in Peru

Costa Rica becomes a space watchman with powerful radar

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