April 27, 2021

Finally, we learn what the US Census gleaned from their most recent census: population growth is the slowest its been since the 1930s and those states with the most growth happen to be GOP-run. Those findings have so many layers that foreshadow the future of one political party, the inevitable demographics of the nation and the impact of climate refugees within our own citizenry; The degree debate wages on with another generation. Is a college degree necessary?; Again, we find gifted programs don’t serve two particular groups of kids; and Cuban engineers display their ingenuity with a new take on drones, overcoming challenges by US sanctions. Go beyond the headlines…

Census results shift political power in Congress, presidential elections

For many U.S. college Republicans, time to ‘move on’ from Trump

U.S. to help Guatemala train its border protection force

Why Black And Latino People Still Lag On COVID Vaccines — And How To Fix It

The college degree barrier to work

Gifted programs aren’t serving Black, low-income kids

Watch the 1st trailer for Steven Spielberg’s new take on ‘West Side Story’

Facebook introduces a new miniplayer that streams Spotify from the Facebook app

Mexico’s Indigenous Women Politicians Defy Odds – and Tradition

Cuban engineers’ dreams take flight with home-grown drones

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