April 4, 2023

On this day, the 45th President of the United States will be indicted on charges that, to most Americans, don’t mean a whole lot because it’s not personal to the average American. However, it doesn’t negate his guilt or that he should be held accountable. What Americans want to see, at least those Americans who haven’t surrendered to the MAGA ideology, is to see if he will be indicted for something that is extremely personal to all Americans – his attempt to overthrow our democratic process of electing leaders. Because if that cornerstone of our democracy is violated, so goes our country, our way of living and our children’s future. It doesn’t get much personal than that; Why is Russia expanding its nuclear submarine fleet when Ukraine is largely landlocked?; The future of space exploration was revealed with the newest lunar-bound crew and it’s more inclusive, so they say; Ever wanted a super power where you can tell when a person is lying? Researchers found one way that has an 80% accuracy rate; and One South American country is the deadliest for human rights defenders. Go beyond the headlines…

Donald Trump to surrender to history-making criminal charges

Russia is Rapidly Expanding its Nuclear Submarine Fleet

Florida becomes 26th state to allow permitless carry of concealed guns

American Inequality is (Finally) Lessening

The next four people headed to the Moon – how the diverse crew of Artemis II shows NASA’s plan for the future of space exploration

Seaweed bloom reaches record size: ‘Major beaching events are inevitable’

This One Strategy Will Reveal if Someone’s Lying With 80% Accuracy, Study Finds

Electronic yarn woven into sportswear measures exhaustion levels

Almost half of human rights defenders killed last year were in Colombia

How women are mixing up Mexico’s beverage industry

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