April 3, 2023

The international collaboration that sped the development of vaccines effective against COVID proved two things: 1. Medical ailments are global, meaning not one country, a.k.a. people suffer alone; and 2. International cooperation, thinking as ‘one world,’ is the way forward to combat and find remedies/treatments for devastating illnesses that know no boundaries. That’s why, the announcement of a couple of national plans to start addressing two particular, and global, diseases – cancer and alzheimer’s – is a necessity if an effective treatment is to be discovered; Ukraine has every right to be angry and dumbfounded at the idiocy happening at the UN Security Council; Gun violence is escalating and a criminologist studies how society is approaching gun crime. The bigger question is: Can we stop it and still keep all parties happy?; and Scientists just created the world’s lightest paint. Amazing! Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration to roll out “National Cancer Plan”

Russia assumes UN Security Council presidency despite Ukrainian anger

Immigration reform stalled decade after Gang of 8′s big push

US to build $300 million database to fuel Alzheimer’s research

How to tell when an investigation is politicized

Amid spiraling violence, criminologist studies new approaches to gun crime

Scientists Create World’s Lightest Paint: Just 3 Pounds Covers a Boeing 747

How new social travel app advocates for responsible tourism

Plunging coca prices create ‘humanitarian emergency’ in Colombia

8 Mexican ruins you can have to yourself

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