April 6, 2023

We know the climate is changing for the worse. We only have to see the impact of tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, rising sea levels, etc. on people everywhere. So, why is the one culprit we know escalates climate change on the rise when countries promised to slash it?; Many want to blame ChatGPT for the decline already in jobs but there are 10 industries where it’s harder to find a job; New car loans are becoming unaffordable, but by how much?; and Researchers discover our ethnicity and race impact quality of life of those who suffer Parkinson’s. Go beyond the headlines…

Coal capacity climbs worldwide despite promises to slash it

Ukraine is preparing to strike back against Russia. Timing will be key.

10 industries where job openings are declining

New auto loan interest rates soar, pushing payments to record levels. Here’s what to know

Hispanic homeownership rate rose to 48.6% in 2022

Airline passengers could be in for a rougher ride, thanks to climate change

For people with Parkinson’s disease, quality of life linked to race, ethnicity

TikTok’s parent has a new app: What to know about Lemon8

Mexico’s AMLO to overhaul immigration agency, says activist

Video allegedly shows dead alien found in a Bolivian village after UFO landing

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