April 7, 2023

When it comes to immigration, we’re too used to equating it with international migration. Yet, Americans ourselves are not opposed to migrating — and we’re doing it at a quickening pace; If Russia was angered by Finland’s admission into NATO then they’re going to be livid over what NATO will be doing in a couple of months; Did Republican-majority of Tennessee legislature really just expel two Black Democrats for protesting gun violence but spare the White Democrat? Wow! Shameful. Racist. Disgusting; We all know rents are still rising and now, so are evictions; What does climate change have to do with baseball home runs?; and Homelessness is such a global problem but Buenos Aires opens up the last place most cities would consider for the homeless to sleep. Go beyond the headlines…

See the fastest growing (and shrinking) U.S. states

Largest air exercise in NATO history to include hundreds of US Air National Guardsmen

Democrat lawmaker suggests she avoided expulsion from Tennessee legislature because she is White

Report details ‘staggering’ church sex abuse in Maryland

Eviction Crisis Spreads Across America

Rings around Uranus! James Webb Space Telescope captures stunning image of ice giant (photo, video)

Climate Change Is Making Home Runs Easier to Hit

Buzz going for new social savings app

Mexico joins 10 Latin American countries in regional anti-inflation agreement

Buenos Aires airport turns into unofficial homeless shelter

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