April 7, 2020

It’s often said by Doctors Fauci and Birch that the coronavirus knows no boundaries, political parties, etc. To say that this is an equal opportunity virus is — something not entirely known. Important data is not being collected uniformly on one particular segment of the population that could be the most vulnerable; Should Latino citizens worry more deportation these days?; The world is about to get a gift of ‘melodic’ proportions; and Laid off because of coronavirus? A new app wants to help you find a job. Go beyond the headlines…

Covid-19 is hitting black and brown communities especially hard. But many states aren’t collecting the data to find out and fight back.

No work, no stimulus check add anxiety for undocumented immigrant laborers

Why Latino citizens are worrying more about deportation

Farmworkers Are Caught Between Coronavirus Fears And Feeding The Nation: “We Are Very Worried”

“Don’t let us die”: Women in ICE custody plead for release amid coronavirus pandemic

Global Citizen And WHO Announce ‘One World,’ A Lady Gaga-Curated Concert Special

2019 atmospheric methane increase greatest in five years: preliminary data

Boston Startup Drafted Launches a New App “Layoff Network” to Accelerate Job Placements for Employees Affected by COVID-19 Layoffs

Mexico’s president shifts tone on coronavirus as border states press for more restrictions

Half of Uruguay’s coronavirus cases traced to a single guest at a society party

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