April 8, 2020

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen how Trump and his allies have politicized this crisis. The worst act may have been Wisconsin’s Republican party blocking absentee voting and gambling that voters wouldn’t turn out. They were wrong and something those voters will undoubtedly remember in November. Yet, there is an effort to combine safety with civic obligation and one grassroots group is striking a happy medium in reaching Latino voters; So, which US counties are seeing spikes in COVID-19 death rates? Wherever they are, they have this in common; Researchers discover an underlying cause of the rise of viruses on the planet, and it’s easily fixable; and Really? Smartphone set-up allows orthodontists to treat patients remotely? Go beyond the headlines…

Amid coronavirus, grassroots groups move online to capture Latino vote

Hundreds Of Immigrant Detainees Considered Vulnerable To The Coronavirus May Be Released

Covid-19 death rate rises in counties with high air pollution, study says

Women Are Losing More Jobs In Coronavirus Shutdowns

Education levels of recent Latino immigrants in the U.S. reached new highs as of 2018

How far will your $1,200 stimulus check go?

Researchers show how forest loss leads to spread of disease

Smartphone set-up allows orthodontists to treat patients remotely

Mariachis serenade Covid-19 patients and medical personnel at city hospital

#NiñasNoMadres: Argentines protest against the forced pregnancy of young girls

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