April 8, 2021

In the effort to bring balanced science advice back to how the US government’s EPA agency decides policy, the new EPA director dismissed all of Trump’s hand-picked advisors. Of course, this created an outcry among GOP legislators. While the new EPA director said all those dismissed could reapply for their old positions, he further said the EPA is part of a White House effort to investigate Trump-era political interference in science across the executive branch; Why are low-income families’ children going hungry waiting for billions in food aid?; Unbelievably, 5600 found files identify more migrant families separated under Trump; Here are the 5 main reasons why there is chronic migration to the US from Central America; and Can an app predict the next pandemic? Go beyond the headlines…

Low-income families left waiting for billions in food aid as children go hungry

Biden task force finds 5,600 files that may identify more migrant families separated under Trump

Five reasons why US faces chronic crisis at border

Texas launches investigation into claims of abuse at migrant facility

EPA head removes Trump-era science advisers

DNA Reveals Humans Interbred With Neanderthals a Surprisingly Short Time Ago

Late night snacks cost you the next day at work

Can a new app predict the next pandemic?

How an accident led to one Oaxacan woman’s revival of a dying handcraft

Bolivian Lake Becomes an Arid, Trash-Covered Wasteland

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