August 11, 2023

The pictures of the devastation on Maui are heartbreaking and ominous. It’s another example of just how climate change impacts everyday people’s everyday lives. In a chart, scientists show how this year’s wildfires are more widespread and deadlier; Wait, Russia just blasted a rocket to the moon? Putin’s delusions of global domination keep rocketing upwards; The CDC recorded the highest number of Americans who died in this way; Hip-hop is just as synonymous with Latino youth as Black youth but no one really knows how Latinos helped shape the musical genre; Archeologists just discovered an ancient skull they can’t explain; This weekend the Perseid meteor shower is scheduled to be on full display in the nighttime skies. According to astronomers, it should be the best show ever. Check to see if you’re in a prime location to get a front-row seat to the celestial spectacular. Go beyond the headlines…

How Bad Are the 2023 Wildfires? Chart Shows Dramatic Shift From Last Year

Russia launches first space mission to Moon in 47 years

Nearly 50,000 Americans died by suicide in 2022, a record-high number: CDC

Why the sell-off in bond markets could impact you

How Latinos helped shape 50 years of hip-hop

The 2023 Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend! Here’s what you need to know.

Ancient Skull Found in China Is Unlike Any Human Seen Before

The New Pokémon Sleep App Is Already Hugely Popular — But Doctors Have Concerns

Researchers look to Latin America for clues on healthy brain aging

Indigenous leader inspires an Amazon city to grant personhood to an endangered river

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