August 14, 2023

Though I don’t have a headline regarding the devastating Maui fire that is proving to be the deadliest fire in America in modern history, the tragedy and message of the event should weigh heavy on all of us. In fact, in an interview, the governor of Hawaii had a stark message for the world. He basically told us all to wake up and start realizing climate change is exacting a deadly toll on all of us until we start taking it seriously. The bigger question is: Where is the next Maui?; The Danish Air Force had an interesting confrontation with Russian bombers headed to Dutch NATO airspace. The bigger question is what were the Russians trying to do?; A new study about who likes Trump is a mix of the expected and the surprising; While there have been measures taken to minimize concussions during play and medical treatment on the spot to allay hospitalizations, no one really knows when it’s safe to reenter the game – until now; Do you ever grab your phone after watching a film to learn more about the cast? You’re not alone and now, there’s an app that makes it far easier to quell your curiosity. Go beyond the headlines…

The fastest-growing U.S. cities are roasting in extreme heat

Danish air force intercepts Russian bombers headed to Dutch NATO airspace

Homeowners in these cities feel ‘trapped’ in their mortgage: report

Police stage ‘chilling’ raid on Kansas’ Marion County newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones

Who likes Donald Trump? Lots of Republicans, but especially Hispanic voters, plus very rural and very conservative people

Expert breaks down mosquito bite myths and facts

New concussion headset shows when it’s safe to return to play

The new app every movie lover needs

Guadalajara’s curious natural phenomenon: ‘The Great Wall of Pipes’

‘Huge’ coral bleaching unfolding across the Americas prompts fears of global tragedy

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