August 12, 2022

Traditionalists in Washington are increasingly learning how to respond to Trump and his allies’ abrasive, and misleading, outspokenness. It’s understood that silence is perceived as much as an admission of guilt as taking the fifth during a deposition. So, to get ahead of an ‘explosive’ story the DOJ just asked a judge to release the text of the search warrant, and initial revelations reveal that losing an election may be the least of Trump’s worries; The Supreme Court’s conservative detour, trumping ideology over legal precedent, has lawyers no longer assuming The Court is a bastion of Constitutional wisdom; The CDC either just made all our lives easier or more at risk; The economy is turning and America’s top companies are doing 3 things to prepare; and Mexican indigenous women have created their own Barbie doll. Go beyond the headlines…

FBI search warrant of Trump home may involve suspected violations of Espionage Act, former chief of DOJ national security says

Supreme Court faces new pressure to reconsider racist ‘Insular Cases’

House report details grisly threats to election workers

CDC drops quarantine, distancing recommendations for COVID

Here are 3 warnings signs about the economy coming out of America’s top companies

Asteroids Could Truly be Responsible for Forming Earth’s Continents, Study Finds

Scientists recreate the song of a 150-year-old insect that could help rediscover its species

FairPlay (software) helps businesses reduce algorithmic biases

Indigenous artisans in Guerrero (Mexico) have their own Barbie doll

Discovery of small armoured dinosaur in Argentina is first of its kind

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