August 11, 2022

Indications that the GOP was turning more towards authoritarianism and away from democracy used to be but whispers in the halls of Congress. No more. House Republicans voted in unison against a probe that would have been a no-brainer 10 years ago; Study of 400 million voting records show where persistent voter turnout gaps exist; New report finds who among LGBTQ youth are likely to consider suicide; NASA wants to take Alexa to outer space; and Spotify is reorganizing its app to make it easier to do one thing. Go beyond the headlines…

House Republicans All Vote Against Neo-Nazi Probe of Military, Police

400 million voting records show persistent gaps in voter turnout by race, age, and political affiliation

The guide to Trump’s increasing legal threats

Exclusive: Multiracial LGBTQ youth more likely to consider suicide, report finds

60% of Latino voters say U.S. is ‘on the wrong track’ but remain largely ignored by both parties

DRIED UP: Lakes Mead and Powell are at the epicenter of the biggest Western drought in history

NASA is sending an iPad around the moon to help test Alexa in space

Spotify is reorganizing its app to better separate podcasts and music

Mexican drug cartel gunmen burn shops, cars to avenge arrests

How Bolivia’s ruthless tin baron saved thousands of Jewish refugees

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